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The Starboard Generation is a board to do it all!

This has to be one of the most popular boards you're asking about at the moment. Starboard have had boards similar to this before, like the Freeride, but this board is really the next generation of all round SUPs for Starboard.

Just like the Starboard Waterline this board is really worth highlighting in the 2020 Starboard range. And we have to completely agree with Starboard’s latest video – it really will do it all. We haven’t reviewed it yet but it’s very much on the list! We’ve seen and reviewed boards with similar dimensions and characteristics before and they have really delivered on their all round capabilities. But this board, having a similar bottom shape to the great, proven Starboard race board shape will be a very interesting board to paddle. And we think by the look of it, it could very much be a board that ever paddler should have.

We look forward to getting on it and giving you our full impressions soon.

Starboard say;

This 12’6″ x 28″ Generation is the best of 3 worlds; Surfing, Racing and Touring.
It is aimed to be an easy surfing, race and touring paddle board for everybody and anybody.
It will remind you of; the Longboard when surfing as the tail outline makes it respond with ease,
the All Star when racing in all water conditions, the Touring when when it comes to stability and user-friendliness.
The Generation is basically the perfect board for a one board quiver. A true high-performance all round paddle board. Available in the lightest and fastest Carbon Top technology and the best value Lite Tech construction.

Read more about the new 2020 Generation on Starboard's website

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