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Getting shacked with Anthony Maltese! / GoPro angles and basic barrel tips

Anthony Maltese goes on a quest for barrels and new camera angles. Getting barrelled (or 'shacked' which is the coolest way of saying it!) is definitely one of the best feelings out there. The colours and the noises all change as you get covered by water and enter this whole new world! Getting in is the easy bit... getting out is not always that easy!

GoPro angles & footwork tips

As for the GoPro angles, both the angles work well, but the first one being a bit further away from the rider shows you more about what is going on in the barrel – and its obviously better for your paddle too! Its also a great angle to show you Anthony’s foot placement.

Setting yourself up for the barrel is all about speed and trimming. Your body weight should be up near the mid-section of the board to drive off the flattest part of the rocker line to generate speed. And if you’re positioned right it’s then all about small back foot movements to trim and hold the edge (rail) in the wave. As for getting out again… it’s really up to mother nature!

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