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How to paddle small SUPs / Stance and board trim

In this part #2 we will be looking at what you can do to improve your stance and how you can trim your board to make using smaller SUPs as easy as possible. Following these tips along with using the brace technique (which we talked about in part #1) really makes a difference to being […]

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Tail trimming. A new thing to try!

My balance has gotten a lot better in the last few sessions. I think it is experience above all, but bracing and being in a staggered stance has been super helpful. We’ll see about the trimming.


never heard of tail trimming but shall try out – wouldn’t the additional balancing between leaning to the front when reaching out with the paddle (C-stroking) and then back prove destabilising and/or also make it even more difficult to “paddle straight and achieve speed” ( my main challenge tbh) or am i missing a trick here? regarding stance – in one of the previous videos you said that its best to stay close to the centre (line) of the board to get best stability when offsetting stance; i’ve tried this but find it much easier to balance when my legs… Read more »

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