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Starboard inflatable constructions explained – Deluxe DC, Zen, Zen Lite and Tikhine

There’s no doubt that Starboard have a great range of quality boards to suit many different paddlers needs and their budgets. But do you know the difference between a Starboard Deluxe double chamber board, a Zen and a Zen Lite? And which one would best suit you and your type of paddling? There’s a price difference between their constructions, but why? And what is the real difference between the boards? In this SUPboarder video we talk about the main Starboard inflatable constructions to help you understand which one would best suit you.

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Thanks for posting this video, has helped me make up my mind which Starboard to get, I’m going for the mid range Zen board. The review comments on three different bags, only the deluxe double chamber board coming with wheels. Retailers seem unclear on the matter showing either the simpler bag for the Zen light included with the mid range board or the wheeled version from the deluxe board. Please can you clarify that your review matches what Starboard are shipping to retailers as the requirement for a bag with wheels really is a must for me. Thanks

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