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Zane Schweitzer gearing up for the 2019 ISA qualifiers in SoCal

It’s that time of year again where countries all over the world start to run their qualifiers for the 2019 ISA Stand Up and Paddleboard World Championships. Check out some of Zane Kekoa Schweitzer’s free surfing before the USA qualifiers. Zane looks like he is surfing well and will be a strong contender for the ISA (if he doesn’t break his ankles surfing too many shore breaks!) Best of luck to Zane and all the athletes wanting to take part in the ISA worlds this year.

“Arriving in California to compete in the Surfing America USA Nationals, I share some warm up waves with Anthony Maltese. Grateful for being hosted by Anthony while I was out in Cali, and grateful for the chance to compete in this event, The USA National Championship for Sup Surfing and Tech Racing.”

Zane was using the smallest Starboard Pro 7'0 x 24" x 66L - Check out our review of the bigger 7'10" below

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