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Are you getting into foiling? This video with Sky Solbach is worth a watch

Fanatic shaper Sky Solbach may be talking about prone foiling in this video but he makes some really good points that are well worth hearing. Without a doubt foiling is getting easier,with brands like Fanatic putting more R&D into this side of the sport. Foiling can be great fun, and starting with the right gear and an empty surf break is the best way to try foiling for your first time.

Learn how to get started with Prone Surf Foiling safely and quick! Foiling opens up your surfing horizon – undesirable waves become your playground! Fanatic shaper Sky Solbach explains the steps for quick success when starting foiling: The equipment, safety, stance, riding techniques, what to avoid and which waves to look for. Learn how to get a feel for the foil quickly, take off safely and ride the longest waves of your life!

Words : Fanatic

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