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Chris Bertish Stand up paddling across the Atlantic / Showreel

In 2017 Chris Bertish stand up paddleboarded 93 days, 7500km solo across the Atlantic Ocean from Morocco to Antigua, Caribbean.  An incredible achievement which I’m sure many doubted was even possible. But Chris shows how when you have an idea and have the courage to take the steps and actions towards it, never giving up, anything is possible. Chris’s immense grit, courage, passion, purpose, planning and preparation, and believing in himself enabled him to not only achieve something epic, but also and more importantly change the lives of many.

In Chris’s words… “Shut up, suck it up, get up, stand up and make the change, and be the change you want to see in the world today.”

This is “a story about the hero in every single one of us.” –  Chris Bertish

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