Is your board watertight? Finding a crack! / SUP Maintenance

Is your board watertight? Finding a crack! / SUP Maintenance

You’re just about to go for a paddle and you spot a crack in your board. Maybe it was from a session before or even the session before that. The important thing to find out is if your board has previously taken on water or if it’s likely to take on water during your next paddle session. If the answer is yes then some further action is certainly required before you take to the water to prevent further damage. By doing this simple test you can quickly find out how bad the damage is and if repairs are needed to the board before you hit the water.

This is such a simple way to find out if your board is watertight. There’s nothing worse than going for a paddle already knowing or finding out when you’re out there that your board is taking on water.

If you want to find out more about fixing boards check out the SUPboarder Pro video series here : Repairing a SUP 

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