‘WTF’ a new fin concept / Wave Tech Fins ‘First Look’

‘WTF’ a new fin concept / Wave Tech Fins ‘First Look’

At SUPboarder we love kit, and are well known for testing and reviewing all things SUP. We get sent loads of emails from SUP & surf companies wanting us to help them promote their brand and asking for feedback on their products. Some products are note worthy and some not so much! A month ago we received an email from a company called Wave Tech Fins asking if we wanted to check out their surf & SUP fin.

After checking out their website and thinking ‘WTF’ is that (?!) we just had to give one a go.  This is the first look at the Wave Tech Fin and what it does. Does it work? Not sure yet but we can’t wait to find out.

If it makes big board feel looser and surf like smaller boards then this could be a great SUP surfing product for riders wanting their big floaty board given a new lively feeling.

If you have used one of these fins please let us know. We’d be interested to hear what you think.

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