Benoit Carpentier gives the Starboard Longboard 9′ a going over!

Benoit Carpentier gives the Starboard Longboard 9′ a going over!

It’s great to see this video of Benoit Carpentier surfing the Starboard Longboard 9′ in Hossegor, France. Benoit is a surf longboard champ and rips the solid beach break apart on the 9′ Longboard.

This video just goes to show you what a big difference there is between the 10′ and the 9′. Not just in length, but with the thinned down overall width it really makes a difference to the boards speed and the way it can handle bigger swells. The 10′ is a great board and heavier riders will be able to use it in the slightly bigger swells for sure. But the 9′ really looks like it’s handling the faster bigger swell and loving it! We have also asked Benoit what fin setup he is riding, so we will keep you posted on that one. After all, we all want to ride like Benoit!

Featured image of Benoit Carpentier with a special looking Starboard Longboard by Bergot Alexis.

Benoit Carpentier

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