In this SUPboarder comparison board review we look at two of RRD’s small advanced shaped surf SUPs – the RRD iWave 7’7” and the RRD COTAN 6’11”. 
We put these two boards head to head to see what two boards of very similar size but completely different shape, feel like in lots of different conditions, and who they would best suit.

2018 RRD COTAN 6’11” x 27” Pro Model V2 / €1999
Board details:
  • Length        6’1”
  • Width         27”
  • Thickness   4”
  • Volume      98l
  • Fin set up  5 Future fin boxes
  • Weight       6 kg
  • Rider size    50-78kg
  • Rider ability Intermediate / Advance

Other sizes in board range;
7′6” x   28″ = 110L
7′11” x 29″ = 121L (Watch SUPboarder review)
7′11” x 31″ = 129L Wide model

2018 RRD iWAVE 7’7” x 27” Pro Model V2 / €2017
Board details:
  • Length        7’7”
  • Width         27”
  • Thickness   3 3/4”
  • Volume      89l
  • Fin set up  5 Future fin boxes
  • Weight       5 kg
  • Rider size    50-78kg
  • Rider ability  Advance

Other sizes in board range;
7′5” x 26″ = 81L
8′   x 28″ = 102L
8′4” x 29″ = 116L

Read on for brand video, details and website


As the development of this special shape on surfboard and kiteboard designs has taken off, proving it works great (up to the point that some riders only ride this type of C.O.T.A.N. shapes), it was time to develop a specific board line also for SUP. Two new shapes that will increase your stoke for supping in waves! Available in the Classic construction. Bamboo sandwich stepping area and superlight composite carry handle box. The C.o.t.a.n. pro and classic features two possible fins setup combination thruster-fins or quad fins.


4 x new shapes for expert level only, used worldwide by advanced riders that want to push the boundaries of the sport or compete as professionals. The shapes and construction technologies keep evolving depending on the latest trends on sup wave riding, and the I wave V2s represent the latest status quo of the sports’ evolution.


Available in full LTD technology with Vectra Carbon fabric on CNC Eps core, finished with matt pro speed paint and Carbon net layup top and bottom. Bamboo sandwich stepping area and a superlight composite carry handle box.

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