2018 JP Australia Surf Slate 8’10” review / Intermediate surf

2018 JP Australia Surf Slate 8’10” review / Intermediate surf
2018 JP Australia Surf Slate 8’10” x 31” Wood Edition / £1449

The JP Australia Surf Slate is a completely new shape for 2018, and the 8’10” is the biggest board in their range. Offering 147L  in volume this board is stable and yet relatively fast for its size. The Surf Slate is going to offer intermediate surfers weighing 75-100kg easy surfing and lots of fun in small to moderate size waves.

Board details:
  • Length        8′10”
  • Width         31″
  • Thickness   4.5″
  • Volume      147l (or 145L as stated online!)
  • Fin set up  5 FCS boxes, can be used as a quad 4 or thruster 3 setup
  • Weight       9.6 kg
  • Rider size   75-100kg

Other sizes in board range;
7′4”  x 26.5” = 95L
7’8”   x 29″ = 111L
8’2”x 30″ = 128L
11’2”x 32″ = 198L

For more information on the JP Australia Surf Slate range visit JP’s website here : JP Australia

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