Will off on his next paddle adventure around Menorca

Will off on his next paddle adventure around Menorca

paddle adventure around Menorca

Will Rogers from SUPboarder loves paddling off the beaten track on any SUP adventure he can dream up.

As many of you may know, last year he did a solo SUP trip across Scotland along the Caledonian Canal. He recorded a full video blog of how to do this modest SUP adventure, which you can watch here : A SUP adventure crossing Scotland

This time Will and a group of keen SUPboarders have headed off to paddle around Menorca. They are on the 4th day of their trip today and its been far from perfect paddling so far. Having to shelter in caves and battle through head winds are part of the challenges you face when you head out on a real SUP adventure!

We’ve been following Will’s progress through the Geo SUP app that he has been using at every stage of his paddle.

Check out his paddling so far online here:

Day 1 of his paddle here : https://www.geosup.com/app/www/ext/share.php?sid=1398&wid=91
Day 2 of his paddle here : https://www.geosup.com/app/www/ext/share.php?sid=1407&wid=91
Day 3 (am) of his paddle here : https://www.geosup.com/app/www/ext/share.php?sid=1413&wid=91
Day 3 (pm) of this paddle here : https://www.geosup.com/app/www/ext/share.php?sid=1414&wid=91

Also check out the GeoSUP world view of his paddles here : https://www.geosup.com/app/www/ext/share.php?sid=1398&wid=91

The full details of his paddle are available on the GeoSUP app here : https://www.geosup.com/

It’s great being able to track the groups progress, but it’s making the rest of us left in the office a tad jealous!

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