SUPboarder needs your help! – 30 Second Survey

SUPboarder needs your help! – 30 Second Survey


SUPboarder introduced its paid subscription service ‘SUPboarder PRO’ in 2017 to reduce its reliance on advertising revenue and therefore enabling us to continue to produce quality, independent content for our readers. We want to try and improve our SUPboarder PRO package and are asking for 30 seconds of your time to answer just 4 or 5 questions.


SUP rocker-linesvideo

So lets talk SUP rocker-lines or board rocker shapes. Understanding what rocker is on a board doesn't have to be complicated or a subject...
Starboard Airline Vs Red Paddle Co Elitevideo

After numerous questions and comments about which board is best, the Starboard Airline or Red Paddle Co Elite? we decided it was time to...
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Now obviously, the more you do something, the better you'll get at it. But unfortunately spending all day at the beach is just not...