JP Australia Fusion 9’8” x 31” WE Wood Edition / £1399

In this SUPboarder review we look at a SUP that can be paddled on flatwater but loves getting in the waves too. Beginners weighing 65-85kg could ride this board as a first time board or intermediate riders weighing 65-100kg could use the JP Australia Fusion 9’8” as a great step down board from bigger longer boards. With its hard wearing rails the JP Fusion will last you well on and off the water.

Board details:
  • Length        9′8”
  • Width         31″
  • Thickness   4.2″
  • Volume      152l
  • Fin set up  US box Centre Fin & 2 FCS side fins
  • Weight       9.9 kg
  • Rider size   65-100kg

Other sizes in board range;
9’2″   x 30.5″ = 139L
10’2″ x  32″  =   170L
10’8″ x  34″  =   193L

For more information on the JP Australia Fusion range visit JP’s website here : JP Australia

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