Harry Maskell has a SIC session in New England

Harry Maskell has a SIC session in New England

There’s something about new boards and new faces riding them. OK… Harry Maskell and SIC surf SUPs aren’t the newest kids on the block but they are both looking good on the water. Harry has already proven himself at the ISA worlds but it’s good to see him surfing in some better swell. 

We look forward to seeing more of them in action this year for sure.

”After an impressive silver medal finish at the ISA World Championships in Denmark, Harry Maskell stopped through New England in September en route to California for the Pacific Paddle Games. His timing couldn’t have been better – New England saw it’s best run of Hurricane swell on record, with Rhode Island being a hot spot for day after day of overhead surf. Harry was able to jump on the new SIC Triton, among other surf craft, and enjoy some of the best conditions the east coast of the USA has to offer. Video by: Sam Morrissey – Endeavor Studios” Words : SIC

If you’re into SIC boards we will be reviewing the RS 14′ x 26” soon on SUPboarder.

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