A quest for waves – Surfing boulders & boils / Reuben’s VBLOG

A quest for waves – Surfing boulders & boils / Reuben’s VBLOG

PLEASE READ……We are always keen to trying new things & videos on SUPboarder, but most importantly is that you guys like what we’re doing! This is a new video blog/how to video which we are thinking about doing more of, about surfing different spots and different conditions. After weeks of onshore winds, in this video Reuben goes on a little quest for waves, heading through the forest to a rocky reef spot. He goes over some very basic things about surfing rocky reef breaks. This is a very striped back version video to see if you like the idea of the series and want more.

Please leave comments and feedback below or email us at We look forward to hearing your thoughts!

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