ION rail saver – Nose saver / Review, How to video

ION rail saver – Nose saver / Review, How to video

Whatever SUP board you’ve got, chances are it’s going to get a few knocks in its life time. It doesn’t matter how careful you are, scuffing the rails of your board with your paddle, and on the rocks is inevitable and just part of the sport. It’s not such a problem with an iSUP but hard boards are fragile and can easily be damaged. So if you want your hard board to last and the rails to remain in a reasonable condition so when the time comes you can easily re sell it, then it’s worth protecting them. Here are a few things you can do to help keep your board in top condition…

ION Rail saver – Rail Lover / RRP £44.95

As soon as your board comes out of the box invest in some rail tape to stick onto your boards shiny new rails. IONs 0.4mm thick, self adhesive, ’Rail Lover’  tape comes in 2 pieces and is super easy to apply. Just stick it onto your rails where you think your board is likely to get the most scuffs/knocks i.e by your paddle stroke and the middle of the rails. You can also apply it to used boards too to prevent any further scrapes.

ION Nose saver / RRP £59.95

Apply a nose saver to your board. These shock absorbing pads will help prevent the nose of your board getting seriously damaged if you have any unexpected collisions. For example with rocks, pontoons, other boards etc… They also help protect the nose of your board when being transported and when lying inside down on the beach. IONs white self adhesive nose saver comes in one pre cut piece making it quick and easy to apply. The sas tec foam combined with the hard wearing and durable outer foil makes the nose saver both shock absorbing and robust. You’ll have to try hard to damage the nose of your board with an ION nose saver in situ!

Visit ION’s website here : for more details of this products.

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