Is this the ultimate big SUP pump?… The GRI HP5

Is this the ultimate big SUP pump?… The GRI HP5

SUPboarder takes a look at the big iSUP pump on the market, the GRI HP5 triple action hand pump. GRI are already inflating many boards around the world with their current high pressure pump. But this new GRI is set to take on the big inflators like the Red Paddle Co Titan. We put it through our 2017 pump challenge to see which pump comes out on top.

Pumps details:

GRI HP5 Triple Action Pump 

  • Capacity             2 x 3.5L
  • Max psi              26psi
  • Time                  1:46sec
  • Max bpm           143bpm
  • Muscle fatigue   Low

All times and heart rates are when pumping a 200L board up to 15psi.

Find out more about the GRI Pump company here :

The GRI HP5 is available from Fanatic :

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