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A SUP adventure crossing Scotland Part 3 / How to Video

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V Cow
V Cow
3 years ago

Dressed for air or water temp?? There is snow & you are wearing shorts!! You complain you are cold?? No idea why? LOL. Happy Padding!! X
We live here (LOVE) Seasons in one day… or 10mins 🙂 Enjoy
Good vid – Buy a drysuit x

Will Rogers
3 years ago

Glad you enjoyed the video. Such a fantastic trip and yes I agree all the seasons in one day is truely amazing! Generally when I was paddling I was nice and warm in shorts (im not a fan of being too hot), so if I was to do it again I would make sure I had quick access to additional layers in my grab bag to quickly put on when i stopped for drinks and food. A dry suit is a good call, but I wonder if I would have been uncomfortable when the sun was out! Thanks for your… Read more »

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