Will from SUPboarder is back with part 3 of his solo SUP adventure paddling across Scotland on the Caledonian Canal. In this Part 3 of 4 vblogs Will has highs and lows as he really gets into his Scottish SUP adventure and also remembers what its all about.

About the trip & vblog series
Will Rogers packs the van, hits the road and heads North for Scotland to paddle the Caledonian Canal. Armed with a ton of passion and drive for adventure. Will shares his whole experience including the planning and packing stage, the stunning 3 day paddle, and what he has learnt along the way. Hopefully it inspires and informs you how to do the crossing yourself or plan another mini SUP adventure. Enjoy!

Watch part 1 here : A SUP adventure crossing Scotland Part 1
Watch part 2 here : A SUP adventure crossing Scotland Part 2

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2 thoughts on “A SUP adventure crossing Scotland Part 3 / How to Video”

  1. Dressed for air or water temp?? There is snow & you are wearing shorts!! You complain you are cold?? No idea why? LOL. Happy Padding!! X
    We live here (LOVE) Seasons in one day… or 10mins 🙂 Enjoy
    Good vid – Buy a drysuit x

  2. Glad you enjoyed the video.
    Such a fantastic trip and yes I agree all the seasons in one day is truely amazing!
    Generally when I was paddling I was nice and warm in shorts (im not a fan of being too hot), so if I was to do it again I would make sure I had quick access to additional layers in my grab bag to quickly put on when i stopped for drinks and food.
    A dry suit is a good call, but I wonder if I would have been uncomfortable when the sun was out!
    Thanks for your comment!



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