Will from SUPboarder is back with part 2 of his solo SUP adventure paddling across Scotland on the Caledonian Canal. In this Part 2 of 4 vblogs Will hits the water and starts a SUP adventure he has been dreaming about for a long time. 

About the trip & vblog series
Will Rogers packs the van, hits the road and heads North for Scotland to paddle the Caledonian Canal. Armed with a ton of passion and drive for adventure. Will shares his whole experience including the planning and packing stage, the stunning 3 day paddle, and what he has learnt along the way. Hopefully it inspires and informs you how to do the crossing yourself or plan another mini SUP adventure. Enjoy!

Watch part 1 here : A SUP adventure crossing Scotland Part 1


A SUP adventure crossing Scotlandvideo

Will talks about what to wear on a SUP adventure paddling across Scotland on the Caledonian Canal. With sun, rain and colder temperatures having the right gear...
How to fit a SUP finvideo

This is a very basic beginner video on how to fit a SUP fin in a US fin box. The US fin box is the most...
A SUP adventure crossing Scotland Part 1 / How to Videovideo

Will from SUPboarder goes on a solo SUP adventure paddling across Scotland on the Caledonian Canal. In this Part 1 of 4 vblogs Will...
British Columbia 'Wild Coast' / SUP lifestyle short filmvideo

Some SUP films are meant to entertain and amp to the core, and some films are meant to inspire you. This is certainly what the...
Surfing & understanding beach breaksvideo

Beach breaks are a great place to find waves to go SUP surfing, for both the first time surfer and the seasoned pro. But...
What is SUP volumevideo

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SUP stance for better stability / How to Videovideo

Whether you're wanting to paddle smaller boards, or looking for a little more stability when the water gets rough, by adjusting your basic SUP stance...
The backside cutback / how to SUP videosvideo

The cutback is a flowing manoeuvre which uses your board speed to re direct you back into the critical/steeper part of the wave. You’re...

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