Get into Stand Up Paddleboard Fishing Part 1 / How to Video

Get into Stand Up Paddleboard Fishing Part 1 / How to...

Reuben from SUPboarder is a Stand Up Paddleboard fishing geek, who’s not afraid to paddle with a rod down his shorts! In this video series he shares some of his tips and tricks to best get you into SUP fishing and catching your first fish.

This is a 3 part series looking at the basic SUP and fishing gear you need to go fishing, how to fish using the basic trolling method, and about the other fishing techniques that can be used. Whether it’s just for fun, or with the aim of putting food on the table give SUP fishing a go this year. Its easier than you think!

In Part 1 of the SUPboarder PRO video we also cover ;
– Other kit to take on the water
– How to make a paddle leash
– More in depth information about board choice.
– Looking at fishing lures and where in the water to fish with them

If you’ve not got PRO you can find out more here : SUPboarder PRO

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Reuben from SUPboarder is a Stand Up Paddleboard fishing geek, who’s not afraid to paddle with a rod down his shorts! In this video...

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