If you’re unsure what SUP volume is, how it effects your board and how to compare it to your body weight, then this is a simple way to understand about volumes and what sizes you should be looking at for different boards.

Please remember this is a guide and although it will be fine for most paddlers, the boards shape and your paddling ability should also come into consideration.


Surfing & understanding beach breaksvideo

Beach breaks are a great place to find waves to go SUP surfing, for both the first time surfer and the seasoned pro. But...

There’s a lot to weather, and weather influences our daily lives enormously. Whether that’s by deciding to walk or drive to school, hang out...

2017 is all about the foil. And top paddlers are filling their social profiles with sup foil action from across the globe. Kai Lenny...
SUP stance for better stability / How to Videovideo

Whether you're wanting to paddle smaller boards, or looking for a little more stability when the water gets rough, by adjusting your basic SUP stance...
Naish N1SCO racing Photo : Mark Ellis

After a successful seasons NISCO racing last year, Naish team rider Bryce Dyer shares his thoughts and what he has learnt about racing iSUPs and racing in...
The backside cutback / how to SUP videosvideo

The cutback is a flowing manoeuvre which uses your board speed to re direct you back into the critical/steeper part of the wave. You’re...
The backside top turnvideo

The backside top turn is just like a front side top turn in that it’s a linking manoeuvre designed to kill speed and keep...
The frontside top turn / how to SUP videosvideo

The top turn is a manoeuvre that not only looks good but feels fantastic too. This week we are going to be looking at...

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