Naish Malolo Foil VIDEO blog – # 1 First downwinding session

Naish Malolo Foil VIDEO blog – # 1 First downwinding session

Will and Reuben from SUPboarder head out for the second testing session of the Hydro Foil Naish Malolo Foil and board. After the first session of towing behind a boat they take on a little downwind session to test how the board works in average conditions, 20-35knt and waist to chest high, short choppy swell.  This is a video blog of the session. Having never before ridden a hydro foil SUP downwind, straight away they realise that sprint fitness, paddling in surf stance and a steeper wave to get you going, are all key to achieving the first steps of downwind foiling.

Maybe hydro foil surfing would have been the easier option! But we decided to go for the safer option as nearby beaches blowing a gale and all 10ft +!!

2 thoughts on “Naish Malolo Foil VIDEO blog – # 1 First downwinding session”

  1. Mr. Will the SUPBoarder: Nice session. 3-6 Questions if you please? What water proof fitness monitor was Reuben using with his phone? And what kind of SUPBoarder Van: make, model, and setup did you show at the beginning of this video? Also how does a 14 ft Paddle Board fit on it?

  2. Hi Joe, We are using a new app that we have been asked to test – I believe it will be released soon and we think it will certainly be well received. Keep tuned on SUPboarder for news… The SUPboarder Van is a Renault trafic, with roof racks so we can carry 14′ boards.


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