SUPboarder video breakdown / Jess Leedy just sticks it

SUPboarder video breakdown / Jess Leedy just sticks it

There are surfers who look good and surfers who look solid. And there are some surfers that look completely planted and stuck to their board, and manage to land everything! One of those SUP surfers is Jess Leedy. The man really looks like he has suckers on the soles of his feet!

Ok, so Jess has got a high skill level and a lot of experience in the surf, but what does he do to make his board stay on his feet that? In this SUPboarder video breakdown we’re going to highlight some of the things he does…

Surf positive

Sounds super easy to do, but attacking each section of the wave or manoeuvre with a positive mind set makes a massive difference between staying on the board and not. Obviously the better you get at surfing the easy it is to do this! And knowing you can make certain manoeuvres means you can stay more positive on the wave before you do the move.

Work the knees

Jess is always working his knees and they are never both fully extended at the same time. He rides pushing weight through both knees at different times, to work the board and keep the board in connection with the wave face and though every manoeuvre. Doing this allows him to also ride over any bumps on the wave without losing speed.

Stick to the centre line

By keeping your feet and body weight over the centre line of the board, it is much easier to trim your board and stay connected with the wave. This can be done by either having both feet slightly offset from the centre line (one on each side) or by keeping the front foot on the centre line and working the back foot either side for certain manoeuvres. This is especially important when it comes to landing manoeuvres such as re-entries, close-out sections and floaters, when landing directly over the board is key to making the manoeuvre.

Know your board and the wave

Knowing your kit is so important when it comes to surfing well. Knowing how your board will react during curtain manoeuvres, and how to get the most out of your board shape is probably one of the most important things when it comes to surfing well. Then put that together with knowing how the wave works at your local break and it’s a killer combination! Knowing how best to surf your board on a certain wave shape and at different speeds is how to look completely at one with the wave. This is one of the main reasons why pro surfers and SUP surfers travel with so many boards. Being able to match the right board to the right conditions can make all the difference between 1st and 5th.

He is no World Tour super grom but man can he surf! And he is definitly one to look up to when it comes to a smooth style.

Video by : Norwell9


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