The carnage from THE WAVE at Boot 2017

The carnage from THE WAVE at Boot 2017

THE WAVE looks like great fun and we’d love to have one at the back of the office. But just check out the nailings you’re going to have before you master it!

We think a custom, heavily nose rockered board, as well as a good helmet is what you need for this party wave.

About the wave

  • Surf width: 9 m
  • Water temperature: approx. 25°C
  • Wave height: Adjustable between around 1 to 1.5 metres
  • Water depth: approx. 1.4 metres under the wave
  • Number of pumps: 10 / 20,000 litres per second
  • Water volume: 900,000 litres
  • Event area: 1,100 square metres

Find out more about THE WAVE and Boot here :

Some more action below:

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