Theo Demanez & the smaller JP Australia Surf Slate

Theo Demanez & the smaller JP Australia Surf Slate

The brand JP Australia has been in the watersports industry for a long time and they certainly know a thing or two about board shapes! They have a very wide selection of SUPs and windsurfing boards to their name, and are well known around the globe.

This video shows Theo Demanez heading out over clear waters riding his JP Australia SUP Surf Slate 7.2, JP All water and Windsurf JP Magic ride.

Big Slate, Small Slate

After reviewing the JP surf Slate 7’2” last year and the 8′ version a few weeks ago we can say that the build quality and finish are both very high. But although both the same model and shape the boards do feel very different to each other due to their size. The smaller 7’2” has a very whippy feel that Theo demonstrates in the video. But the 8′ scaled up version of the 7’2″ is much more sedate than its little brother. They’re both a lot of fun in small to moderate size surf, but if you’re a lighter rider weighing 65-80kg rider don’t expect to turn the bigger surf slate like a 90-10kg rider would.

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