Living the RRD SUP life – Somewhere Tomorrow

Living the RRD SUP life – Somewhere Tomorrow

SUP is most definitely a lifestyle sport. Paddling with friends, sharing new experiences and getting off the beaten track are all parts of the SUP life. RRD rider Francesco Leggio has a passion for paddling in beautiful locations and producing films, and ‘Somewhere Tomorrow’ is his latest video.

Somewhere Tomorrow is the story of a journey through a land of wonders: Friuli Venezia Giulia. A discovery through the path of water, from the mountains, down the rivers, into the Adriatic Sea.

Diving in the water breaks down the walls and removes the ground, opens up to the experience of what’s above and below, it reminds us to float around and see what comes next.
This life is ours…and it’s the only We have got…so keep moving, don’t stand still…be everywhere…be Somewhere Tomorrow. Words Francesco Leggio

Please note : We recommend you always wear a leash unless on moving water.

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