JP Australia Surf Slate 8’0” 2017 review / Intermediate Surf

JP Australia Surf Slate 8’0” 2017 review / Intermediate Surf
JP Australia Surf Slate 8’0” Wood Construction / Intermediate Surf £1299

SUPboarder looks at the largest JP Australia Surf Slate 8’0” X 30″ in the stunning wood construction. With its super parallel outline shape the JP Surf Slate offers a very stable board that is more than happy generating speed on all types of waves. A good 85kg + intermediate rider will get alot out of the JP Surf Slate.

Board details:
  • Length        8′
  • Width         30″
  • Thickness   4.5″
  • Volume      129l
  • Fin set       3 X Thruster FCS 4.7” (can also be used in a Quad)
  • Weight       9.9kg
  • Rider size   85-100kg

For more information about the JP Australia Surf Slate 8’0” check out the JP Australia website here.

If you have used this board or have any questions or comments about this board please leave your comment below. Also if you want to compare the  JP Australia Surf Slate 8’0” with other boards on the market check out the SUPboarder equipment guide here.

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