Too much SUP foiling?… Rather watch good old fashioned SUP surfing?

Too much SUP foiling?… Rather watch good old fashioned SUP surfing?

With SUP foiling videos hitting the web in what seems like every five minutes, there’s definitely more than enough SUP foiling action to be watched, especially in surf.  There is no doubt that SUP foiling is impressive to watch, especially first time. But the SUPboarder team definitely don’t find it as inspiring or interesting to watch as good old fashioned regular SUP surfing. Don’t get us wrong, we absolutely love foiling and believe it firmly has a place in our sport, and we will continue to cover a wide range of foiling disciplines on SUPboarder. But are you guys like us… How much SUP surf foiling action can you take?!!

We really want to know what you guys think. Do you like watching surfing SUP foil videos? Or do you think it’s probably better doing it than watching it? Do you prefer watching old school SUP surfing with fins rather than foils!?

Please let us know your thoughts on surf SUP foiling in the comments and tick ‘YES’, ‘NO’ or ‘DON’T MIND’ on the tick boxes below…

Surf Foil Videos

All videos shown are from this week…

James Casey SUPs his foil board at a Sydney reef break.

Laird and friend’s SUP foiling in December

Top video : Alex Aguera and Maui Go Foil Drone footage


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