We thought this was coming but didn’t think it would happen this quickly or go this far. After Kia Lenny’s first SUP foiling video was released 4 months ago, foiling has allowed the world of SUP downwinding to go from 14’+ boards to smaller 10′ boards. And now Kai is showing us something very different… downwinding on even smaller boards with foils. It’s so different it’s a whole new sport! And looks pretty fun too!

In the future there may be SUP downwinding and surf downwinding. Surfers are always on the look out for the endless empty wave and as Kai says, this could be it…

“Harnessing the power of the open ocean swells, the hydrofoil allows you to levitate above the surface of the water and ride the worlds longest waves. Surf spots are getting more and more crowded so why not have the option to escape it all. In this video I am riding a 5’6″ shortboard on the North Shore of Maui using only using my arms and swell energy to soar for miles upon miles.”  Words Kai Lenny

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