Hatha 10’6” Oxygen review – All round iSUP

Hatha 10’6” Oxygen review – All round iSUP
Hatha 10’6” Oxygen £549

SUPboarder looks at the Hatha 10’6” Oxygen, an inflatable SUP brand based in Devon, UK. The Oxygen is a heavy duty looking board that is designed for all types of paddling and paddler. At 6” thick it is a stiff board at an entry level price.


Board details:
  • Length        10′6”
  • Width         32″
  • Thickness   6″
  • Volume      293l
  • Fin set up  2 + 1 setup (1 X slot fin 2 X min fixed fins)
  • Weight       12.3 kg
  • Rider size   50-120kg
  • Deflection 16mm

For more information about the Oxygen check it out here.

If you have used this board or have any questions or comments about this board please leave your comment below and we will get back to you. Also if you want to compare the Oxygen with other boards on the market check out the SUPboarder equipment guide here.

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