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Pumping up an iSUP – Top Ten Tips

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Alberto Mi
Alberto Mi

Another tip: Do not pump constantly till the board is at its pressure, It’s a waste of energy.
Every time you pump you are compressing air, and that compressed air it’s hot, so you will reach the recommended pressure soon, but after a while, when the inside air is colder you will find that there is no the same pressure.
Better to make pauses and give a rest to the pump and your body, you don’t want to have hot air inside your board.


I have found with almost every iSUP pump out there that they tend to fail where the hose joins the end connectors. Every pump I own I have used Araldite (or similar) around this point to ensure a longer lasting hose with no leaks! [also works well for holes in the middle of the hose!!]

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