2016 Fanatic Stylemaster 10′ review / Surf SUP

2016 Fanatic Stylemaster 10′ review / Surf SUP
Intermediate / Longboard Surf SUP – £1499

SUPboarder gives you a review of the 2016 Fanatic Stylemaster 10′ surf SUP. This board is designed for an intermediate to advanced surfer, wanting a fun and progressive longboard surf SUP. It offers lots of glide to catch the smallest of waves, but has great rail and board shape allowing you to get out in some bigger stuff too. The recommended rider weight is 55-85kg. 

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 09.08.53

 Board details:
  • Length        10′
  • Width         30″
  • Thickness   4″ (approx)
  • Volume      135l
  • Fin set up  Comes in a 2 + 1 fin setup. Centre fin 8” US box and 3.5” Futures side bites.
  • Weight       11 kg

If you have used this board or have any questions or comments about this board please leave your comment below and we will get back to you.

For more information about the Fanatic Stylemaster check out the SUPboarders Equipment Page here, or view the Fanatic website here

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