Ollie Laddiman’s Easter in Ireland

Ollie Laddiman’s Easter in Ireland

SUPboarder team rider Ollie Laddiman has just come back from a great trip to Ireland. With plenty of perfect waves Ollie realised wave perfection isn’t so far away after all!

“We went over for a week trip to the west coast of Ireland. Had great waves, even came home with a tan!!! I reckon this trip was equal to our Fuerteventura trip over christmas, just with out the shorts and t-shirt, but with similar/better quality waves and reefs. If only the ferry prices weren’t so expensive we’d be over every chance we would get! The main reason we went over was for the IrishSUP Dublin comp. It was really nice to see the SUP scene (and of course all the lads) over there and how well organised their competition was! Hope to see some more similar standard surf competitions held over this way.” Ollie Laddiman

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