2014 Sunset Beach Pro

2014 Sunset Beach Pro

February 2014 will mark the 5th year of the Stand Up World Tour’s iconic opening event at Sunset Beach. Here is a look back at the past 4 years, as we build up to this dramatic 5th edition right here on Oahu’s Fabled North Shore.

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A great video released from Bart de Zwart about his solo French Polynesian crossing from Tahiti - Bora Bora over 4 days 3 nights...
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Surf & SUP Conference 2015

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Kai Lenny gets some great rides at Jaws, Peahi on Maui. He loves it whatever he's on... a surf gun, SUP or Jetsurf.
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We've heard it many times before, that good surfers especially short boarders don't SUP. "Why would they bother?" we hear people say. Well... if...