A Stand Up Paddle Movie – Review

A Stand Up Paddle Movie – Review

‘A Stand up Paddle Movie’ is a documentary about the beginning of Stand Up Paddle Sports. This documentary profiles the top athletes, in the fastest growing board sport in the world today.  Focusing heavily on the America development of the competitive side of the sport, the documentary is inspiring to watch, leaving you astounded about the size of American SUP events.  It opens your eyes to the potential of the larger European SUP events that we are starting to see emerge in Europe, with events such as the 11 cities tour and the SUP Race Cup.

The film investigates the redevelopment of the sport, with Laird Hamilton and Dave Kalama in Hawaii. How they first designed, built and tested the first stand up boards including the reactions they got from peers.  It follows big names such as Gerry Lopez, Chuck Patterson and Colin McPhillips, Candice Appleby & Karen Wren as they explain their first SUP experiences. Many of which you’ll probably realise are exactly the same as yours, and why you’re also hooked on SUP (or soon to be!)

“We could have fun when not on a wave…!”

The film follows the evolution of SUP equipment. This part perhaps seems a little old now, but will give any paddle boarder an interesting insight into where today’s equipment has come from. Watching powerful surfers adjust to stand up boards, demonstrating fluidity and power on the wave, is inspiring to say the least!

‘A Stand Up Paddle Movie’ really focuses on the development of the competitive race and surf side of SUP… including the first surf event at Sunset Beach, and the development of the initial Battle of the Paddle (BOP) format and distance races.  Some of the top athletes are introduced, and discuss their training, commitment and passion for the sport. SUP is also proven to be not just an old mans sport, with several appearances from guys like Riggs Napoleon and other innovative young paddlers.

“The first BOP can only be described as Mayhem…but it was fantastic”

Any keen SUP competitor will be inspired by the size the sport has already reached in the USA, attracting hundreds of event entries as well as huge crowds. The events are attracting elite paddle sport athletes as well as triathletes and top iron man triathletes. As the sports real founder, Laird Hamilton features in the film throughout, dropping some of the most grounded and influential quotes about stand ups place as a surf sport, that perhaps only a character like Laird can affirm.

“SUP has Incredible diversity, even more than snowboarding…”

Differing from other SUP documentaries, it does not cover the sports early years in Wakiki Beach, nor the lifestyle side of the sport so much. But instead demonstrates the competitive discipline that it has also quickly developed into.
Editing and production will not blow you away, but the documentary shows some great surfing shots, including clips of some of the first SUP session at Teahupoo.  It will be sure to get you psyched and fired up to train, surf and get out there and enjoy the ocean!

A stand Up Paddle Movie retails at £19.99.  Many thanks to Reactive Watersports for providing the SUPboarder team with the review copy.


Event coverage includes the Sunset World Pro, The Battle of Paddle, The Catalina to Dana Point Crossing and The Tahoe Nalu. with: James Billy Watson, Jamie Mitchell, Ekolu Kalama, Ikaika Kalama, Kealii Mamala, Dave Kalama, Bryce Saeman, Chuck Patterson, TJ Saeman, Robby Naish, Reid Inoyue, Blane Chambers, Rob Rojas, Thomas Maximus, Tom Gallagher, Slater Trout, Brandi Baksic, Beccy Cravens, Gerry Lopez, Sparkey Longley, Riggs and Aaron Napoleon, Emmy Merrill, Colin McPhillips, Mickey Munoz, EJ Johnson, Candice Appleby, Laird Hamilton, Joe Bark, Karen Wren, Jenny Klambach, Zane Schweitzer, Archie Kelepa, Tristin Boxford, Steve Pezman, Barrett Tester, Pat Huber, Danny Ching and more…





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