With the Fanatic 2013 range reaching our shores, here is what some of the Fanatic team told SUPboarder about the race kit.

Jay SUP Manning on the 12’6” Race

“New Falcón Race is the red rocket. It’s the nick name the team have given it. Super slick n quick … chop or flat … and very sexy looking board “.

Charlie Grey on the 12’6” Race

“The new 12’6” boards have a lot more volume and rocker than 2012. The tails have also been pulled in and the rails rounded out further back. This has given the boards a higher side profile to the wind but a fraction better glide than last year and a little better down wind as well.  The new board seems to be more aimed at an all round conditions board with its down wind ability probably at the top. “

The Fanatic Ray

The fanatic All Wave 2013

The Fanatic Pro Wave 2013






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